Candidates of Military Schools

Candidates of Military Schools

The Military Schools and the Security Forces set specific conditions regarding the visual acuity of the candidates to be admitted. While the criteria differ between faculties, the existence of a refractive error may be a cause of rejection. Nevertheless, the candidate can be admitted to the military academy of his choice, as long as his visual acuity is not lower than required, even if this has been achieved through the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses. None of the Military Schools or Security Forces – with the exception of the Icarus School (Flying) – mentions the possibility of exclusion after correcting any refractive error through surgery.

The required visual conditions of each military school are analyzed below:

Regarding the schools of Guards (Corps), Icarus (Department of Engineering), Aviation Technical Non-Commissioned Officers, Air Force Non-Commissioned Officers, Army Non-Commissioned Officers, Corps Officers and Nursing Officers, the visual acuity should be 10, with or without visual acuity, each eye. If there is a refractive error, it should not exceed 6 diopters in spherical equivalent.

For the schools of Naval Trials (Engineers) and Permanent Non-Commissioned Officers, the visual acuity of each eye, without correction, must be at least 1/10, while after correction it must reach 10/10. If there is myopia it should not exceed 2.5 diopters, hyperopia 3 diopters, and astigmatism 2 diopters. Candidates of the Naval Schools must not have undergone refractive surgery.

In the School of Naval Trials (Fighters), the visual acuity must be in each eye, 10/10 without correction.

Regarding the Icarus School (Flying), the visual acuity in each eye (for far and near) must be, without correction, 10/10. Also, if there is myopia, it should not exceed 0.25 diopters, hyperopia 1.75 diopters and astigmatism 0.75 diopters in each meridian. Also, esophagus up to 10 diopters, exorcism up to 5 diopters, overload up to 1 diopter and close convergence point no larger than 70 cm. Candidates are not allowed to have undergone any refractive surgery (corneal topography is checked).

In the School of Guards (Weapons) and the Schools of Greek Police (Officers and Constables) the visual acuity must be 10/10 in each eye, with or without correction, and if there is a refractive error it must not exceed 4.5 spherical diopters global equivalent. Astigmatism should not exceed 5 diopters.